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10ticks maths worksheets give thorough coverage of the 10ticks maths worksheets give thorough coverage of the maths national curriculum in England Reception to Year 11(Form 5). 10ticks worksheets are used by millions of students worldwide, by 65 % of UK secondary schools and by many discerning primary schools.

The majority of our maths worksheets give a minimum of 30-45 minutes work, some 3-4 hours! They can be used in a range of different ways, from lesson starters, to quick 10 minute tests and homework. 10ticks teachers love the variety, structure and freedom which they get.

An unrivalled bank of maths worksheets

The 10ticks worksheet collection includes more than 7000 high quality maths worksheets that provide thorough coverage of the maths national curriculum for England, from Reception right through to Year 11 (Form 5).

Always up to date - 10ticks National Curriculum Promise

Free of the constraints faced by traditional publishers, our materials are always up to date. In the five countries in which 10ticks has overseen changes, all five have amended their curriculum within two years. The latest maths national curriculum for England and the 2015 GCSE maths syllabus have both been fully implemented and the 10ticks resources provide thorough coverage of all topics. As changes happen we will provide updates for all customers upon renewal.

Trusted Brand

10ticks is a trusted, quality brand that has been around since 2000 and is the UK’s number 1 most used maths worksheet resource. We produce work in 5 different countries including the UK, Australia, South Africa, Malaysia and India, bringing the best working practice to schools around the world.

Amazing Value

We keep our costs as low as we can to support you and your school. Everything is included for one price and in one place. Search quickly through the thousands of worksheets using specific criteria to find the exact one you want, saving you hours of time wasted searching online. The worksheets are also delivered electronically, reducing costly and environmentally damaging printing.

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