Home Learning System
Used by 1000s of children around the world. It can increase results by as much as 2 grades in 12 months. Contains video guides, worksheets, tests and games.
For Ages 7-17
School Maths Worksheets
Coming soon, new Annual Worksheet Licence contains more than 4000 maths worksheets, covering every topic in the Malaysian National Curriculum, from primary to secondary.
Year 1 to Form 5
School Learning System
Perfect for use in lessons and for homework. It contains video guides, worksheets, tests and games. Build bespoke courses and track class and individual student’s progress with ease.
Year 1 to Form 5
Private Tutor Resources
Used by tutors and large tuition centres. Giving tutors access to a wealth of resources, including our worksheets, guides and online testing.
For Ages 7-17

"If you've not added 10ticks to your maths resources, you're missing out." - Times Educational Supplement.
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10ticks have recently released our 2016 Edition of our Worksheet Annual Licence and current created over 500 new resources which cover the new 8.0 Australian Curriculum.

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Home Learning System – Online/Offline Maths Resources

Our engaging and interactive blended Maths Learning System will take your child through the Curriculum at their own pace. The System is used by thousands of students worldwide, both in schools and at home. We cover every maths topic in the Primary and Secondary Malaysian Curriculum from Year 1 to Grade 5.

Our courses consist of engaging maths worksheets, simple to follow guides, interactive tests, fun quizzes and maths games. You can build bespoke courses specific to your child’s needs easily or use our readymade courses. Our merit system will boost your child’s confidence and help them to really enjoy maths. As well as premade courses we also have our revision area for independent study. Here students can select the exact topics they want to focus on and test their knowledge or select a worksheet to help reinforce the topic.
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Maths Worksheets - More than 6000 in total!

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10ticks Maths Worksheets cover the Malaysian Maths Curriculum fully, with a worksheet for every topic from Year 1 to Form 5. Our worksheets are grouped into year groups and topics. We cover geometry – position and direction, geometry – properties of shapes, measurement, number – addition and subtraction, number – fractions, Number – multiplication and division, number – number place and value, statistics and games. We have created our maths worksheets to cater for all learning styles, helping to give teachers greater flexibility to use the worksheets in all kinds of situations. Our worksheets comprise of 4 types of learning experience.
  • Traditional exercises to consolidate basic skills taught

  • Investigations to let students explore maths at their own pace

  • Puzzles involving key concepts centring around fundamental maths skills

  • Games – Fun ways of reinforcing key skills without the monotony of repetitive exercise

Our math worksheets are loved by thousands of teachers worldwide, with 60% of UK Secondary schools now using our worksheets. Click here to find out more about how teachers are using our worksheets in both Primary and Secondary Schools.

School Learning System – Online/Offline Maths Resources

10ticks blended Maths Learning System enables teachers to deliver the new maths Curriculum in a personalised and engaging environment. Students will love the interactive Desk Area and online maths activities, whilst maths departments will benefit from a wealth of both online and offline maths resources.

Our blended Maths Learning System has been fully mapped to the new Malaysian National Curriculum, and covers every topic from Year 1 to Grade 5. The System includes all 4000 of our award winning maths worksheets, 1000 video guides, 1000 tests and 100s of online activities and games. With the System you can build bespoke courses for the whole class or each individual student, making it easy to cater for the top and bottom end students. Students can access the system from both school and home, making it perfect for homework and revision. With all the tests assessed online it will save you hours in marking.
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10 Reasons to Love 10ticks MATHS

Our Fantastic student desk area, loved by all
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Dedicated Online Learning Systems for school users and home learners.
Accessible 24/7.

Deliver online maths lessons in seconds!
Create your own, or use convenient pre-made 10ticks courses written by some
of the top Heads of Maths.

A huge resource bank full of comprehensive materials.
From Standard 1 to Form 5 all in English.

A proven, successful and trusted formula.
10ticks Worksheets alone are used by over two million students.

No marking.
Track class progress with our traffic light system.

Motivate students with merits and certificates.

Revision topics set that are unique to students.

Lots of FREE educational resources on site.
Including seasonal Worksheets. Belajar matematik dalam Bahasa Inggeris.

"If you've not added 10ticks to your maths resources,
you're missing out."
- Times Educational Supplement.

WARNING. The 10ticks online system is a comprehensive set of mathematical materials. It is a complete system offering thorough coverage of core mathematical skills and should not be undertaken lightly. This product could seriously affect your intelligence.
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