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Welcome to Ian’s Friday Puzzle! Dust off those Friday cobwebs with a little manipulation of the old grey matter. Perplexing puzzles, logical, illogical, and sometimes just plain stupid. Be prepared to be bewildered, befuddled and bedazzled!

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This week's Friday Puzzle

A number is increased by four and the result doubled. This result is squared, which gives a number that is eight more than 68 times the original number.

Find two possible answers!

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Friday Puzzle (21/02/2020)

A cheetah can run as fast as 75 mph in short bursts.

A snail only manages half a mile in 15 hours.

How many times faster can a cheetah move than a snail?

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Friday Puzzle (14/02/2020)

The number 12345 can be expressed as the sum of two prime numbers.


What are the two prime numbers?

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Friday Puzzle (07/02/2020)

I have five whole numbers and they have no mode.

Their median is 6 and mean is 5. Their range is 9.

What are the five numbers?

(There may be more than one answer!)

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Friday Puzzle (31/01/2020)

In my fully limbed ­­collection of 186 spiders and ladybirds I count 1300 legs.

How many spiders do I have? How many ladybirds do I have?

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Friday Puzzle (24/01/2020)


Find n.

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Friday Puzzle (17/01/2020)



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Friday Puzzle (10/01/2020)

To the end of January 2020, there are 31 days, to the end of February 2020 there are 60 days (31 + 29).

How many months do we have to go into 2020 for this end of month number to become

a). a square number;

b). a prime number;

c). a triangular number?

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Friday Puzzle (13/12/2019)

The hexagon inside the large triangle is regular.

hexagon in triangle

The area of the large triangle is 180 cm2.

What is the area of the blue triangle?

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Friday Puzzle (06/12/2019)

Jenny has some balance scales and just 4 weights.

balance scales

She can use the 4 weights to measure any whole number of kilograms up to 40 kg.

What are the 4 weights?

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