In a survey of UK Heads of Maths who use 10ticks Maths worksheets:
  • 99% would recommend the worksheets to a colleague in another school.

  • 90% said that the worksheets had positively motivated their students.

  • 82% said that the use of the worksheets had contributed to an increase in the standard of teaching in their school.
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60% of UK Schools use our maths resources, along with hundreds of Primary Schools

The Maths worksheets used in our online learning system give thorough coverage of all maths topics with extensive questioning. Used by over two MILLION pupils worldwide.

Our world renowned maths worksheets, recommended by thousands of teachers worldwide give thorough coverage of the Malaysian National Curriculum for ages 7 -17. They are used by millions of students worldwide, 65% of UK Secondary Schools use 10ticks worksheets. Click here to see what teachers and students in the UK have to say about the worksheets

In line with the Malaysian National Curriculum, the worksheets are grouped into two collections. One aimed at Primary Schools, Years 1 – Year 6 and one aimed at Secondary Schools, Form 1 – Form 5.

The majority of our maths worksheets give a minimum of 30-45 minutes work, some 3-4 hours! They can be used in 100s of different ways, from lesson starters, to quick 10 minute tests and homework. 10ticks teachers love the variety, structure and freedom which they get.

If you’ve not added 10ticks to your maths resources, you’re missing out.
- Times Educational Supplement.

Online learning comprises:
  • Guides, worksheets and assessments.
  • Fun-key Maths. Games, puzzles and enrichment activities to support topics.
  • Personalised learning area. Picked up from the assessments, the system will build you your own individualised revision programme.
  • Access to every piece of learning material through your Revision area.
  • Awarding merits and certificates for achievement.
The flexible resource to suit how you teach. The worksheets will give you:
  • A safety net you can rely on
  • The ability to cater for all learning styles
  • Peace of mind. You have everything covered
  • Updates included if there are any further changes to the Curriculum